• Start the export at 00:59:50:00 for 10 seconds of preroll. Picture starts at 1:00:00:00

  • Include head pop at 00:59:58:00 and tail pop 2 seconds after the last frame of picture

  • Video format: full frame codec (preferably Pro Res LT) Quicktime video or H264

  • Please do not send MP4s

  • Include window burn with timecode, placed in a top corner of the frame

  • Include your rough audio mix when exporting video. It will be our reference track






  • 2-Pop: Include a single frame tone that lines up with your video head and tail pop

  • Organize your audio tracks:

    • VO

    • Dialogue A – Formal Interviews

    • Dialogue B – Informal Dialogue

    • Keep each mic source on it's own track (Boom, Lav 1, Lav 2, etc)

    • PFX – Non dialogue sounds from production (ambience, vehicles, etc)

    • PIX – Sound FX added by the picture department

    • Music – Score

  • Make sure to include ALL mic options (Boom, Lav, Camera).  And do NOT cut lav and boom together on the same track. Different microphones always need to be on their own track in a consistent fashion.

  • Include separate audio folders for the following:

    • Room tones

    • Wild Lines

    • Complete production audio – raw files. Not required but helpful.



  • OMF vs. AAF: An OMF is a more stable delivery method but it has a 2 GB size limit. If you go with the OMF and your project is large you can export OMFs for each grouping of audio tracks [VO, DLG, SFX, etc]. You can also try sending the AAF and we’ll let you know if there are any problems. Export options below:


  • OMF

    • 24 bit / 48khz

    • Embedded Audio

    • 10 second handles (240 frames)

  • AAF

    • 24 bit / 48khz

    • Separate Audio

    • Consolidate Audio



Exporting an OMF from Final Cut Pro

Exporting an OMF from Premiere

Exporting an AAF from Premiere

Exporting an AAF from AVID


  • Video file with a reference audio track

  • OMF or AAF with organized audio

  • Room tone folder

  • Wild lines folder

  • All production audio folder  

  • For films longer than 50 minutes:

    • Please deliver all content on a 1TB, USB 3 bus powered drive



We are always here to help. Please call if you’d like any assistance.