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  • Start the export at 00:59:50:00 for 10 seconds of preroll. Picture starts at 1:00:00:00

  • Include head pop at 00:59:58:00 and tail pop 2 seconds after the last frame of picture

  • Organize your audio tracks:

    • VO

    • Dialogue A – Formal Interviews

    • Dialogue B – Informal Dialogue

    • PFX – Non dialogue sounds from production (ambience, vehicles, etc)

    • PIX – Sound FX added by the picture department

    • Music – Score

  • DO NOT cut lav and boom together on the same track. Different microphones always need to be on their own track in a consistent fashion.

  • Make sure to include both Boom and Lav in your audio delivery.

  • Include any additional "Usable" audio sources. If Lav/Boom are well covered then we don't need onboard camera mics, or other inferior audio sources in the delivery.

  • Include separate audio folders (if you have them) for the following:

    • Room tones

    • Wild Lines 


  • Our preferred export from Premiere is an AAF. Please deliver both the AAF Media Folder and the .aaf file.  Please note that the .aaf file may not be contained within the AAF media folder, depending on your Premiere settings.  Please be sure to check that you have included both in your delivery.

  • Here are the options to choose when exporting the AAF:​

    • Breakout to Mono

    • 48khz Sample Rate

    • 24 Bit

    • Separate Audio

    • Wav Format

    • Trim Audio Files to 720 frames (30 Seconds)

  • Some considerations:

    • Disabled clips do not come across​

    • Nested sequences need to be un-nested

    • Best practice is to duplicate the sequence, unlink and remove video files, then export AAF

    • Muted tracks come across in AAF, but are not muted. 

    • Track volume levels do not come across in AAF (clip volume does though)

    • Audio Gain does not come across when clip volume is 0dB ( Work-around: set clip volumes to -0.1 dB. Or nudge volume -0.1dB for whole project.)

    • Multicam clips come across but it's good to flatten them to see what the audio is like

    • Multichannel clips should go on their own tracks to start with

    • Clips with effects added that you want to preserve need to go on a separate tracks (when you choose “Render audio clip effects” and “include clips copies without effects” - every clip on that track gets a _FX copy and a _No FX copy in the AAF. So put these clips on their own track)

  • An OMF can also work but AAF is preferred.

    • Breakout to Mono

    • 48khz Sample Rate

    • 24 Bit

    • Separate Audio

    • Wav Format

    • Trim Audio Files to 720 frames (30 Seconds)​


Preferred delivery methods are: USB bus-powered drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer. Please do not deliver via Google Drive. Hard drives can be dropped off at our front desk: 2600 Tenth Street Suite 312, Berkeley CA 94710. Other arrangements can be made if needed.

We are always here to help. Please call if you’d like any assistance.

(510) 356-4587

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